Aug 16 – Cuarenta Y Cinco – Nuevo Mexico Night

Entertainment starts at 6pm, headliners perform at 7pm. 
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Cuarenta y Cinco is one of New Mexico’s top groups and has been since its start in 1991. The traditional sound of New Mexico is what people think of when they hear Cuarenta y Cinco play its up beat music. Known for its high energy dance music Cuarenta y Cinco has long ruled northern New Mexico and been a favorite of many people throughout the southwest. Cuarenta y Cinco has had much success by the blend of rancheras, cumbias, balses, boleros, country/western, oldies and modern rock they perform. The ability of the band to go from hard core rancheras to country to rock and back again is what makes them one of New Mexico’s best known variety bands. The ability to get air play from their 8 albums is what has kept them a permanent New Mexico fixture over the years and a powerhouse when it comes to a loyal fan base. With over 31 plus years under its belt and a willingness to work hard, Cuarenta y Cinco has a proven formula for success and will be a force in New Mexico as long as there is a market for good New Mexico dance music.